Parts for Fadroma, Stalowa Wola construction equipment

We offer parts for loaders, exca- vators, cranes and other construction equipment. Check our offer!

Fadroma, Stalowa Wola equipment repair

Our experts will assist you with their experience and knowledge. You are welcome.

Parts for Fadroma and Stalowa Wola

Parts for construction equipment

we assist you in choosing a suitable Fadroma part

Tehnoprest Polska Experts are at your disposal. We offer complex consulting services for our customers.

we assist you in choosing a suitable Stalowa Wola part

We help you to choose appropriate Fadroma parts

Parts for Fadroma equipment Dear Customers,

Our Company sells spare parts for construction equipment, especially parts for machines manufactured in Fadroma located in Wroclaw, and in Huta Stalowa Wola. We have 22 year experience in this field.

We deliver parts and offer assistance concerning their use. If needed, we can also provide you with the assistance of experienced mechanics.

Satisfying our Customers' needs is our goal.

We will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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Parts for construction equipment: Ł34, Ł200, Fadroma, Stalowa Wola

Parts for Fadroma equipment Ph. +48 71 34 99 415
Parts for Stalowa Wola Fax +48 71 34 99 416
Parts for Fadroma equipment

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Parts for Fadroma equipment

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